4stones Design Global Business Model for COFCO

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May 2020, COFCO invited 4stones to design a global business model for its “Morning Light” leadership development program, which is aimed to develop future leaders for COFCO Group, the model included courses in Global Macros Business Outlook, Cross-cultural Management and Leadership, Global Legal System and Compliance, Global Financial Management, etc.

Founded in 1949, COFCO Corporation (COFCO) is the leader of the Chinese agricultural industry, and one of the world's leading agri-businesses with global footprints and a fully-integrated value chain. COFCO’s takes agri-products as its core business, involving grain, oil, sugar, cotton, meat, dairy products, etc., and also features food, finance, and real estate as three major complementary business segments. As of the end of 2022, COFCO boasted total assets of RMB 695.6 billion. In 2022, COFCO registered an overall operating income of RMB 741.4 billion and total profits of RMB 22.8 billion.

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